These sound systems include premium JBL SRX835p and SRX812p powered speakers

play your music, what you want, when you want

pressers • parties • auctions • concerts • festivals • galas • promotions • seminars • weddings • dinners • reunions • fundraisers • meetings

rent these speakers for wherever quality audio is needed

small JBL SRX812p speaker

Smaller SRX812p also available for when space is at a premium.

Mackie 802 mixer

Includes an easy to use Mackie 802 mixer, or just plug directly into the powered speaker.

Pressmite pressbox

Whirlwind pressbox available at no additional charge!

  • JBL professional grade SRX835P powered speakers OR SRX812P powered speakers with built-in 2,000 watt amplifiers
  • microphone w/stand & audio mixer included
  • Ultimate Support TS-100B stands
  • 14 output pressbox available at no additional charge
  • optional subwoofer available
  • indoor or out | day or night
  • this powered speaker setup is perfect for the DIY DJ
  • sound system delivered and set up in the Little Rock area
  • these speakers are loud - yet can be as soft as you like
  • rent this sound system with confidence - it's as easy as picking songs on your phone
  • discounts available for qualified professional production companies
large JBL SRX835 speaker on a tripod

SRX 835 on an Ultimate stand.

18 inch subwoofer

SRX 818 powered subs available soon.

mega speaker on a stick - premium loud speaker rentals in Little Rock, Arkansas